Case Studies

Commercial Head of Indian Markets – Global Sugar Markets Firm

Our client is one of the most admired and respected names in the world sugar markets and has been providing high quality professional services since 1861. As a part of the attempt to break into the Indian markets in a big way, their management team sought to recruit a dynamic Commercial Head. Given the organisation’s market presence the managerial expectations placed on the candidates were very high. The client needed to recruit a superior professional to signal their commitment to the Indian markets. Speed in this search was of paramount importance.

There were just a few candidates who could fit in to this role. The access to this pool was challenging as the few candidates were in the ‘sought after’ pool. Therefore credibility and deep understanding of the position specifications was critical to establish contact with the target candidates.

By leveraging our search experience at Corporate Associates and our database we were able to contact the key players and articulate the opportunity to the prospective candidates. Within 4 working days we were able to present two lead candidates to the client. The client wanted to hire both the candidates, but there was only one position. They had a sweet complaint of having been presented with two exact fits for the position, which made them rule out one.

After careful assessments and extensive compensation negotiations, an offer was made to one of the candidates. The successful candidate produced outstanding results. He is now one of the key professionals in the Indian sugar trading activities.

Head of Human Resources – Upcoming Indian company in Education Management

Our client is a new company focussing on coaching aspirants for engineering and medical entrance examinations. Backed by founders from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee and encouraging reviews by the landmark Tata Group – the management team needed a Human Resource leader to fulfil the vision of the charismatic founders.

The client sought to hire an individual with overlapping backgrounds in the areas of people management, technology strategy and financial management. As the client’s plans were to expand fast in different locations they required a candidate from an entrepreneurial bent of mind to complement them in identifying, analysing and executing key projects. In a market which is ‘Red Hot’ and multiple companies attempting to lure similar candidates, this was a challenging search.

We gathered information from our professional networks and began the search. Our access to professional networks as a result of our consultant’s experience was necessary for this search which is something Corporate Associates is uniquely positioned to do.

The outcome of a one-month intense and highly focussed search was presentation of three HR professionals to the client and recruitment ultimately of an Ex-Army Officer, who had excellent people management skills. The candidate combined strong management capability with direct Human Resource experience and a unique entrepreneurial mindset.

General Manager, Dealer Management – Global passenger car manufacturing company

The client is the second largest car manufacturer in India and exports cars to 115 countries across EU, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Asia Pacific. They required an aggressive, results oriented and forceful individual to handle dealer appointment and management for them. Additionally the client had some very specific requirements on cultural fit ( in a complex organisation ), standards of integrity ( impeccable ) and education ( MBA, preferably from a premier institution ). These criteria collectively ruled out many candidates. There was also a tight deadline since the position was vacant and critical to the operations of the company.

We planned a focused search using our contacts in the Automobile industry to gain access to target candidates in a short time. An exact fit from the competitor Japanese Auto giant was located who initially refused to consider the opportunity. The point of leverage in the closure with this candidate was Corporate Associates meaningful comments relative to the opportunity and subsequent persuasion with the candidate.

We closed the position with this successful search and the candidate has completed 5 years in the client organisation and occupies a strategic position in the Indian operations.